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WhatsApp Induction of New Privacy Policy, is Telegram Gains.

Author: Priyam Mukherjee

WhatsApp’s privacy policy has caused insecurity among users who seem to shift towards alternatives like Telegram and Signal, thus making Telegram now the most downloaded app on Google Playstore.

According to the latest sensor tower report, “Telegram has become the most downloaded app on Google Play Store. Telegram has moved from the ninth position to the top spot on Google Play Store. It is the fourth most download app on Apple’s App Store. And if we look at the overall downloads, Telegram claims the top spot here as well”.

Some Statistics about Telegram -

I. "Telegram was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for January 2021 with more than 63 million installs, 3.8 times its downloads in January 2020.

II. The countries with the largest number of Telegram installs were India at 24 percent, followed by Indonesia at 10 percent.

III. The full top 10 ranking of non-gaming apps worldwide by downloads for January 2021 is above. App download estimates are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform,” Sensor Tower report said.

IV. "TikTok was the second most installed non-gaming app worldwide last month with close to 62 million installs. The countries with the largest number of TikTok installs were from Douyin in China at 17 percent, followed by the United States at 10 percent. Signal, Facebook, and WhatsApp rounded out the top five most installed non-gaming apps worldwide for the month,” the report stated.

V. Telegram stated, “Over 100 million new users joined Telegram this January, seeking more privacy and freedom. But what about the messages and memories that remain in older apps? Starting today, everyone can bring their chat history including videos and documents to Telegram from apps like WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk. This works both for individual chats and groups”.

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