Using single ad to promote multiple brands

Author - Viknesh Ravichandran

Advertising helps in informing the customers about the products/services available in the market which will be useful to them. Advertising can be a focused towards the brand's target audience. Brand's can reach their target audience and also interact with them through a wide spectrum of media offerings.

In this article, I have analyzed and commented on a potential new technique of marketing .

“Incorporating Multiple Non-linear Brands in a Single”

How it works

When a customer seeks variety, many wonders have taken place in the marketing industry. It can work if the brands which are of different industries accept to work together in order to receive a spotlight. A TV Commercial will be at least a 30 seconds reel through which the branding team can arrive at a appealing TVC visual which incorporates and highlights two or more brands which are non-linear in the aspect of their domain/sector.


If biscuit, tractor and paint are the products that are planning to make a promotion in a single TVC/Social Media Campaign, the clipping which has the content of the farmer having the biscuits, talks about the quality of his tractor's paint. In the next shot, he relates the quality of the paint with his tractor and love for the biscuit.


[1] It can be considered as a cost-efficient way of making promotions

[2] It will surely create buzz among the Customers/Competitors

[3] It also aims at using less resources as a part of CSR

[4] It extends a helping hand for other firms

[5] It shows the spirit of business collaboration


[1] Information Overload

[2] Difference in Target Audience

[3] Chances of Miscommunication


Even though it may seem like the cons are more than the pros , gradually it might become a trend in the market. Its all in the hands of the target audience who view the ads. It can either become viral or a void concept. Since this model is at its conceptualization stage, feel free to comment and aid in making this concept a better model.

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