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Neobar join HUL-Sebamed Soap Battle

Author - Ashwin G Shetty

The 22,000 crore soap market witnessed yet another new addition to its PH value wars with Neobars. In an attempt to take advantage of dove and Sebamed comparative marketing campaign, a little known Pune based pharma firm Brinton has launched a new ad campaign for its Neobars moisturizing soap on digital platforms. Their ad featuring young children underlined that Neobars had the ability to moisturize the skin through ingredients such as shea butter, almond and olive oil etc.

This Brinton’s new ad campaign “#NoPHightingPlease” clearly conveyed a message that it is not the pH levels alone that matter in soap but also its ability to moisturize the skin.

Lately, Sebamed Country Head Shashi Ranjan had pointed out that post the Bombay HC permission to carry out their comparative advertising of cleansing bar with dove, there has been a surge in enquiries around Sebamed’s cleansing bar as well regarding pH value have increased after the advertising campaign on print and television.

When asked about the new Ad campaign Rahul Darda, chairman & managing director, Brinton Pharmaceuticals said that “They wanted to bring out the aspects that really matter while deciding on a soap and their objective isn’t really to bring anyone down but to help the end consumer make a much more informed decision”.

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