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Author: Kaarthikeyan G M

Maxi media marketing refers to the mass-market media, where one can reach more people. There are several ways a company can reach out to the people through maxi media advertising such as Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television and direct mail. In this article we see about how some of the brands made use of the television advertising to reach mass audience.

Television is the most effective of all the marketing vehicles, it contributes 38% of revenue of whole advertisement industry. Study says on an average people see an advertisement 9 times before they get an interest to acquire a product/service.

Television is one of the easiest ways to reach the mass crowd as, on an average woman spend more than 5 hours a day watching television and men spend approximately 3 hours a day. But this the costlier medium also for any company the cost for running the advertisement in the TV channels differs from the length of the Ad and the number of times broadcasting and the time of the broadcast, it will be very costlier in the peak hours.

There are many forms of Television marketing, some of them are

1. TV Commercial advertisements

2. Promotions in sports events.

3. Product placements in Movies.

TV Commercial advertisements

This is further scattered into many types of approach, in which the company wanted to show their products like Animation ads, documentary ads, talking head ads.

One of the best examples for the Animation ads is Vodafone ZooZoos, the below ad portrays the services of Vodafone such as faster service, more efficient and home delivery of the sim cards.

Talking head ads are nothing but an industry specialist is conveying the benefits of the product and recommending the same to the people. There are many examples in the market such as doctors recommending products or parents recommending the online learning modules. One of the such example is from the brand Sensodyne, in this Ad Dr. Ateksha says Why cold drinks cause a sensation in teeth? and why she recommends Sensodyne.

Other side we have a common practice of advertisements, where the companies wanted to show their products in many ways such as the problem-solution approach, demonstration approach, situation approach, Product-as-a-star approach, direct response approach, etc.,

One such examples in many, I'm posting one of my favorite Ads here from the brand Snickers. In can say this below commercial is in Problem-solution approach as well as in the Product-as-star approach. This Ad lies under one of the hit campaign's by Snickers, "You're not you, when you're hungry", where the company have portrayed that the product is more than a chocolate and satisfies the hunger. And this campaign actually tells the people are not themselves when they are hungry, and people can have a snickers when they are hungry to get rid off the situation. So, it is promoted with the tagline “Hungry? Grab a snickers!”

All these types are actually a Television commercial advertisement, which we usually see in between some of the programs in the TV channels during the Ad breaks. But television marketing does not stop here, there are two such places where television advertisement is there.

Promotions in sports events

Before get into the topic, watch these 3 minutes IPL highlights of Royal challengers Bangalore VS Kolkata Knight Riders. There is an exercise for you!! count the number of brands you see in 3 minutes.

Okay!! How many brand names you encountered in 3 minutes?? I could not count all because there were many!!!!

Let me put it in other way, did you see Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza in the Video??

Did you see freecharge name in the boundary line??

Did you see Sansui's name and logo in Irfan Pathan's jersey??

Did you see MRF on Virat Kohli's bat??

Guess what, all these are not just a sponsorship for the team. These are all a part of television marketing.

IPL is the country's biggest carnival, many people all around the world watches this event. Brands choose this as a platform to advertise their products. Even though their advertisement commercials in context of IPL, the one other way companies invest in IPL in the name of Sponsorship. Companies pay millions to get the place in the T-Shirts of the players. And the company’s agenda is not to cover the audience in the stadium if that was the case, they have only 70000 to cover, their agenda is cover the billions of people who are watching the cricket match in the television.

People not only see Dhoni here, they see Muthoot group logo in the T shirt, they see Gulf oil logo, they see Nippon paint logo and many such brands name and logos in the other side of T shirt also. These names might not be visible for the audience in the stadium, but definitely for the huge crowd watching from the television.

Not only in T shirts, if you look at the above video there are many advertisements in digital boards in the boundary lines. That also placed for reaching out to the people watching from the television only.

Brand managers and marketing managers will not be happy even if their favorite player/team hits six, rather than they will be happier if the players hit 4. Because only then their brand names gets noticed by the billions of people. lol!!!

This does not stop here, how many of you heard "It's an Yes bank maximum" from the commentator whenever AB de Villiers hits a Six. This is also an advertisement only. Think about it!!

Product placements in Movies

Other than the advertisement commercials which is endorsed by celebrities like cinema stars and sports players. Even in the movies we can see product placements where actors drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi, Riding TVS Apache, product placed in the tables of judges in the reality shows and many other things. One of the best suited examples in this category,

Did you watch this movie "Chennai Express" casted by the King Khan? You would have seen this scene of Shahrukh Khan advertising Nokia Lumia 920 with its features and price in the market. Nokia would have paid a lot for Sharukh Khan for this 20 second and this is one of the examples of television marketing in maxi media marketing.

Some of the best practices which marketers follow, when they think of new commercials.

● Don’t do commercials more interesting than your product. It’s a trap.

● Don’t allow anyone to remember your commercial without remembering your name.

● There are stories of commercials which got an award, but the products are died.

● You want sales – not awards, praise or laughs...!!

Key Takeaways:

1. What is maxi media marketing

2. Television marketing in Maxi media

3. TV commercial advertisements

4. Animation Ads, Talking head Ads

5. Promotions in sports events (Examples of IPL highlights RCB vs KKR)

6. Product placement in movies (Example of Nokia Lumia 920 in Chennai Express movie)

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