Influencer Marketing in 2021

Author : Mohd Arham

Influence marketing is basically mixture of old and new marketing tools which involves a celebrity or some one who is widely known and followed by general public and then he is endorsing the brands product through modern marketing campaign.

Ex- Walmart collaborated with famous vine maker Meghan Mccarthy to integrate the products promotion in her daily conversation.

1. Influence Marketing through E-commerce

Covid-19 has led to a massive change in the field of marketing. As per report from Walmart there has been 97% increase in the E-commerce and it has shifted the market to 5 years forward in terms of Marketing online. The young millennials are enjoying the shopping online and they respond best to the advertisement showing people in real life situations. With many options being available in the market and many being rolled out every day it is important to think how influencer marketing will drive the E-commerce sales and engagement.

2. Demand for Video

Initially it was Tiktok then Instagram reels came over, LinkedIn also has story mode and twitter jumped with its fleet there have been massive increase in the online videos as people were shut in homes and were isolated online videos helped them to come out from this loneliness. Brands should take this opportunity and Influence the product through Instagram reels and Triller to boost organic engagement because the space is not yet saturated and the experiments and outfits option best fit for brands.

3. Esports capitalizes on a captive audience

As due to pandemic all the major sporting events were closed and post lockdown all the events took place without any audience/public which lead to E-sporting where more than 1.5 million viewers viewed the events especially younger demographic. Investors are eager to invest and there has been more than $9.9 billion investment this year. Brands should collaborate with Esports influencers either an individual or with a team as millions of youth watch and play online Twitch can be a good platform for this as it has 15 million users on daily basis.

4. Brands using CGI Influencers

With the rise and increase in the technology CGI Influencers will continue to gain popularity and the fame. As per the reports 42% of millennials follow CGI influencers without knowing that they are not real humans. They’re incapable of going off-message or taking rogue actions damaging to the brand. Brands with large capital design there own CGI influencer to attract and engage the customers. It may not be for everyone but with CGI influencers helps lot in learning about the customer likes dislikes and their pattern.

5. Influence marketing for greater good

Consumers expects the brand to stand for the social cause and be responsive in any social matters. Pandemic has made expectations from brands to be vocal about social causes as people try to find their online relation with it. Brands are expected to have responsibility towards society and similarly Influencers are expected to have high standards.

Some reasons why Influencer marketing is poplar Tactic:

· As per reports around 40% buy again only after seeing the product on Instagram and YouTube by influencers.

· Only 1% millennials trust ads with 33% go for bloggers reviews and influencers verdict.

· As per study Tomoson Influencer marketing gives return $6.5 on the investment of $1.

· As per Influencer marketers it’s the honest opinion and voice about the product keeps the audience engage with them


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