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How it would be tagging Minimalistic Ads as Support System for Sustainability?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Author: Viknesh Ravichandran

Sustainability Scarce Environment will burst out into revolution. When food can be tagged as vegetarian using a green tag, organic with trademark and freshness indicator, why can’t an ad be tagged that it is a minimalistic ad and used very limited resource? How much change it would make with regard to the resource allocation. When the Advertising Association and Government combinedly work on this idea, this would make a tremendous change. I would also reflect in adding value to the brand.

The potential of Advertisement and ability of Advertisers are increasing as technology advances, yet at most of the times, it leads in creating more complex and flashy ads which communicate the only extravaganza of the brand and barely considers about the resources used as well as the alternate way where it can be done with very limited resources. It is highly important not to overload viewers with too much information in a limited amount of space. Visual Overload with too many audio and visual elements in a small place will be leading to viewer disregards.

“Minimalistic Ads are said to be known as the way in which the ads are curated with less resource which simultaneously effective and attracting the customers with a high level of customer likeliness and brand communication.”

Minimalistic Ads are generally regarded as only for Print Ads. But in a case, where the resources are less used and properly used, it can also be considered as a minimalistic ad. Minimalistic TVC will be a new hit in the Advertisement Industry. You would really shock on how much resource is wasted in making an ad. The resource wastage is huge which in return does nothing good for society. So, it is high time for the advertising industry to turn not only the campaigns sustainable by making them online also initiating and inculcating sustainable minimalistic ads into existence and making it a new normal. Being a Marketer, my voice is never against advertising. My ideology is to minimize the resources used in Advertisement and focus on communicating the value to the consumers. It can be done only with the most essential items and using only what is required.

Minimalism is everywhere nowadays, from websites and logos to movie posters and print ads. And it can also be inculcated in Visual Ads as well since it is using a huge amount of financial as well as resources. It will be a win-win situation for the company and the society if they start using minimalistic ads in their forthcoming projects and campaigns

Even if your studio/any studio which is already in sustainable practice doing minimalistic ads for the betterment of society, a huge shoutout for you.

Take any favourite ad of your choice and review whether it comes under the tag of the minimalistic ad. Kindly use the below given table to rate out of 4. Share the results below in the comment box.

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